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Follow the link below to see photos of Iisalmi. Click a picture to make it larger. The resolution of these pictures is 72 dpi. If you need pictures with bigger resolution, please contact corporate communications secretary Kirsi Malinen, Tel: +358 40 4894 975 or When using the photos, please mention the source: © City of Iisalmi.


New Town Hall

Fountain of Paloisvirta river

View from Porovesi lake

lapsia ongella Poroveden rannalla


Wooden houses

Bridge of Paloisvirta river


Karelia Centre

Church of St. Cross

Market Place

Market Place

Children’s Traffic Park

Bank of Paloisvirta river

Birch Lane of Pohjolankatu

Bridge of Paloisvirta River

Old Town Hall

Majakka School

Railway Station

Fish Boy

Youth Club

Ball Games Hall

Ice Hockey Hall

Swimming Hall


Juhani Aho Museum

The Beach



Woodwork Competition

Market Place

Kuappi - the smallest
restaurant of the world

Aerial view of
Iisalmi city centre

Street scene

Old cars’ rendezvous






Paloisvirta river

Winter view from
Porovesi lake

Aerial view of
Iisalmi city centre

Paloisvuori outdoor
recreation area

Football Hall

Old Hotel of Runni

St. Eliah Church

Karelia Centre


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